Welcome to the Asylum

Wow 6 years... Anyway Neverwinter Nights (or The Great Western Pass) seems to be making a bit of a revival recently with decent numbers on most nights. Is surprising really for a game released in 2002.

In 2008 I took over the hosting of the NZ NWN community website/forums Nightlite. Is still going strong even though alot of the members have moved onto newer games (myself included).

Additionally the server was upgraded by the generous Nightlite community. Thanks to all involved.

Globe stopped hosting the Asylum server in 2006, thankfully ACS Online has taken over the hosting. They have also allowed 256K of International bandwidth which is extremely helpful.

So where to next for the Asylum server? One Nightlite member is currently building a new NWN module that may be hosted, so that could be interesting. Additionally I have been playing with additional game servers, COD4, TF2, L4D, but these popular games are usually hosted by the big names. So the "market" is saturated you could say. I'm looking forward to Modern Warfare 2 and may run a server for that. Well see what happens...

Alright I have been ultra-slack with keeping this website up-to-date, mainly because I have been working steadily on a new project.

DuckInferno and myself have created a new NeverWinter Nights module for the Asylum server called "The Great Western Pass". To play on GWP you will require the 21mb hak, which you can download from here.

The Asylum Natural Selection server has been removed, you can read why here.

NightLite is a NeverWinter Nights community site dedicated to New Zealand players. It has an excellent design and a great future ahead of it, Asylum is proud to support NightLite.

Have added a NeverWinter Nights server to Asylum, its proving quiet popular, no downloads required to play.

By popular request I have added 2 new maps to the Asylum CS server de_cpl_fire and de_rotterdam. Enjoy.

For you Natural-Selection fans, www.natural-selection.co.nz is now up. A NZ community/resource for NS players. Has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. The forums are still being worked on, but I will be posting NS relevant server details there.

Also Globe (Asylum's sister server) is now running a Day of Defeat v1.0 server. Its IP is wyld.globe.net.nz:27015, thanks to DeMan for this addition.

My webhost WebAdvance now supports php! Thanks Zarok.
I have moved the counter-strike stats now to this webhost. Previously they were located on my own internet connection, which ment lag spikes for me in-game, and slow browsing times for you.
Hopefully this should speed things up a bit.

I'd just also like to say a big thanks to Kriptik (who some may have seen on the #games.globe channel on GamesNet) for doing a major overhaul on this webpage to get it working well.
He basically took my html and css which were designed by Burningred, and messed up by me, and rewrote and tidied up alot of the code. Cheers!

Yeah Im aware of the huge lag issues Asylum NS has had in the last 3 days.
This has been all due to the latest HLDS (halflife dedicated server) release ver x.1.1.1. (btw gp hasnt upgraded yet)
It increased the server cpu usage 25% on NS, which is more than the cpu its process runs on can handle. On the other hand the 2 CS servers and teamspeak where running at 50+ fps on the other cpu (dualies).

Yesterday Valve released HLDS x.1.1.1a which is a little less cpu intensive and includes CPU specific optimisations (eg. hlds_amd, hlds_i686). Unfortunately halfd ( a server management program used on asylum) doesnt work with these optimisations. So until halfd is fixed Asylum is running the standard binary without optimisations.
Yesterday I spent a good 3 hours getting it all working and have loaded on a new kernel which does pre-emptive processing and should mean that latencies are lower (as in server responding to requests).
I have taken off a few plugins (commghost, struture health) until the issue is resolved with halfd.

In summary Asylum NS should be able to handle the load now, but Ill keep an eye on it.

Some of you may have noticed the outages on the webpage last week, these were caused by my web hosts upgrading their main server, sorry to those who couldn't download new maps.

Also the games server was down on Sunday due to a huge power outage in the Wellington CBD where my server is hosted with Globe.Net. Thanks to DeMan for getting it back up and going again.

Cheating-Death is now compulsory for all Asylum servers, download from UnitedAdmins. This was to prevent crashes which were occuring in optional mode, lessen server load and secure the servers. Enjoy the Cheater-Free environment!

For those who dont know, Asylum is running a TeamSpeak RC2 server.
Teamspeak is like Roger Wilco but is so much better, has a chat room structure (with subchannels avaliable) with the ability to switch chatrooms with a keypress, an admin structure for kicking spammers, moderation and passwording of channels.
Multiple sound codecs which you set individually for channels and sub-channels which means you can chose a higher codec for higher quality for broadband users and lower codec for modem users.

Download Teamspeak 2 RC2 from here http://www.teamspeak.org and connect to the server asylum.globe.net.nz:8767
Speak to me or any of the Server Admins if you would like your own clan channel.

Big thanks to Zarok (who some may know from the Q2 clan TQM) for helping me out with the hosting for this website. I suggest you take a look at his site WebAdvance which offers webhosting, domains and more.

Also have added new maps to the NS server, enjoy!

Site has a new domain! www.asylum-owns.net
Thanks to Lurchy for his help and donation of the webspace and domain.
Stats and Bookings page are still hosted on my connection, but hopefully that will change soon.

Asylum CS and NS are both running Cheating-Death with Mediator now. What the Mediator does is kick people who have [No C-D] or [Old C-D] in thier name once they have a good score and advises them to download C-D. They then cannot reconnect without C-D running.

I now have hosting for custom CS and NS maps which are on the server, you can see these on the files page as well as the current CS mapcycle.

I havent updated the site as regularly as I should have, now the Asylum servers are all running Cheating-Death in optional mode. Cheating-Death is a far superior anti-cheat than VAC or HLGuard. Each player needs to download and install C-D, then run it when ever connecting to a C-D server. I have a guide here on how to use C-D with TASE. If a player doesnt have C-D, it with prefix his name with [No C-D], his stats wont be recorded and admins will kick them if they play dodgey, asking them to run C-D.

Cheating-Death can be downloaded from UnitedAdmins

Also I have repacked the XMAS mappack to only have the maps that are used on Asylum servers, down from 40meg to 20meg :-)

You should be able to download the new mappack here, its called asylum_xmas.zip

Here is the story of the Asylum server upgrade. Enjoy.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the new server, I have added a 20 person, Natural Selection server and will see how it takes the load before adding more services. The new system is an Dual Athlon MP 2200+ with 512M of DDR-Ram running on Debian kernel 2.4.20.

Ill be adding a page showing the building of the server, and a CPU monitor webpage for the server soon.

Cheers to Burningred who spent the time developing the design of this site for me, Deman and Globe who has hosted the servers, the regulars, which make the game worth playing and the admins who keep the games fair and enjoyable.

Asylum NeverWinter Nights - The Great Western Pass