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Server Upgrade

First of all a big Thank You to all those who have contributed to the new server, Scorch, Murphy Hewlett, Vanin, Kiro, Bad Lag Family, Lurchy, Universal Soldier, D-T.

The new system is an Dual Athlon MP 2200+ with 512M of DDR-Ram running on Debian kernel 2.4.20.

The upgrade Started on the 4th of February after work. I drove to Globe.Net and picked up the old server at 4:30pm. I spent from this time until 11pm that night getting all the hardware installed and the kernel compiled correctly.

The server originally was an AMD Athlon XP 2000+ with 512Meg of SD-Ram. This is what I picked up.

You can see the power pack is removed and its cabling looks like spaghetti junction.

I recieved the new parts peice by peice between December to the start of Febuary. Scorch was kind enough to donate the 512M of DDR-Ram (PC2100), huge thanks to him! You can see the parts that went into the new server below.

Top left is the Hyena 500W power supply, to its right is the ram supplied by Scorch. Below the power supply are the two heatsinks and fans which came with the CPUs and below them again are the AMD Athlon MP 2200+'s CPUs, the most expensive components in the new server. The big board to thier right is the Asustek A7M266-D Dual CPU motherboard. Also not shown here is the ATX Case supplied at last minute by Universal Soldier when I discovered the dual motherboard wouldnt actually fit inside the crappy old mid-tower case I had.

I disassembled several systems to rebuild the server, I removed a motherboard mount and a S3 Trio video card from Psychosis, my linux box router, which is used for internet sharing and my web server that this website is hosted on. I was going to upgrade dominos computer, Psychosis and my own while rebuilding the server, but ended up not having the time to do more than just Insomnia, which is the name of the Asylum gameserver. Heres me screwing slot covers into the case that Uni generously supplied.

Argh! you can see my bald spot! :-)

Uni came all the way from Lower Hutt (20 mins drive) to give me this case after a frantic cellphone call at the last minute.

The insanity of our computer-room floor.

Here is Insomnia with all the new parts installed and the cables as nicely cable-tied as I could manage, geezuz cable-ties are handy!

You can see here it also includes an Intel Etherexpress pro 100 network card, an original workhorse, the 10 gig UDMA-66 Maxtor Hard Disk Drive and worn out old floppy drive which I stole from a 386!

After several hours of installing, problem solving and bios upgrading, I hooked it up to my 19" monitor and set about configuring the bios. They keep adding confusing new options! You can see on my laptop is the motherboard manual which I downloaded onto it and used it like a manual as I managed to somehow lose it?

Then came the gruelling task of installing and compiling the Linux kernel 2.4.20 with support for SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing, or using more than one CPU). You can see the toys domino gave me on my desk. There is a neat lil wind-up yellow micro-machine on my monitor stand (386SX with 4 meg of ram and a missing floppy drive, remember that? A rocking system in its day.) and the weird little green alien on top of my monitor.

I took the server back to Globe.Net the next day and showed the case to DeMan. I asked him "Is this the most Fugly case you've ever seen or what!?", he led me into the server room and showed me his rackful of identical cases. It so similar infact that we had to find a labeller and label my case.

The Cost

The full amount spent on the server upgrade was $1684.90

2 x CPUs $979.90

Power Supply $130

Motherboard $275

Ram $300ish

The total amount donated by Globe regulars including the Ram was $682, an amazing contribution.

Murphy Hewlett, Vanin, Kiro, Bad Lag Family, Lurchy donated a total of $382 in cash.

Scorch donated the Ram.

Uni donated the Case.

D-T found the motherboard, which was less than half its normal price due to the fact the box had been opened.

Big Thanks to all who helped out.


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